Quotes that Changed My Life: Dead Poet Society


I’ll start this category off with one quote that changed how I looked at books and authors, since this blog is where I scatter my thought process as I plot story-lines for my characters.

When I watched this film, I had already fallen in love with poetry and the minds of those who write it, and after finishing this film, I had fallen in love with all types of writers. It made me appreciate how deep some people have to delve to come up with the things that they do, and how much effort it takes. Lack of inspiration does not mean you yourself lack that spark. It just means that you have so many layers to strip before you can get to your own inner core, and that in itself means you have it. So use it. 

On with the quote:

“So avoid using the word ‘very’ because it’s lazy. A man is not very tired, he is exhausted. Don’t use very sad, use morose. Language was invented for one reason, boys – to woo women – and, in that endeavor, laziness will not do. It also won’t do in your essays.”

Now, this made me think about the authors. I am willing to bet that when they did their tapping on the keyboard, they hit the backspace key at least once, for a reason other than fixing a typo. I have no idea how many words the English language has, but I know it has a lot.

Quotes that have changed my life: intro

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Hello, to my small circle of readers. As few may have already noticed, it’s been quite a while since I’ve written a post here. I’m sure there are some people who can empathise with me when I say life has been hectic for me.

To hop straight to what I started this post for, I would like to introduce a category of upcoming posts. This category will be just what the title of this post tells you; “Quotes that have Changed My Life”. For far too long, I had troubling thoughts spinning around me, wherever I went or whatever I was doing. As I had begun to eradicate these thoughts to replace them with better musings, I was able to read again without having to worry about trailing someplace else. I returned to social media, promising myself to stay in the relatively grounded realms of this web. I also began to watch more films with friends and family.

While I was doing the occasional media consumption, I came across quite a few quotes that really shifted my mindset and helped me retain my Peace of mind.  I was just getting myself back together when I came across these quotes and I believe they did have an impact on me. This is not to say that these sayings lead me to an epiphany, but they did do something quite close. Since then, I have been walking around with a new way to see the world. I can go as far as to say I walk around with a new understanding of the world, but understanding the world is something not even the world’s most brilliant man could do.

My point for making this category is to explain how these saying shifted my perspective and hopefully help someone by doing so.

Happy reading.



Antonio ‘Anton’ Zenkhara is an amnesiac. He woke up in a hotel room with a blonde woman sat patiently on his bedside. When asked who she was, she quickly responded by telling him she needed to go to work. Shortly after her departure, Anton caught himself a flight to Los Angeles, leaving with only the keys and wallet that the woman left him with. He has been travelling ever since, having no primary residence.

In spite of him being unsure as to whether or not he would ever see the mysterious woman again, he has come across her in multiple cities around the world. He eventually came to know this woman as Leslie. On one of his brief visits to Monaco, she caught Anton drenched in the pouring rain with a cigarette. Due to his frail appearance, she insisted he stay in her hotel room for one night to let her take care of him. The following morning he woke up and later found Leslie dead across the bathroom floor. Investigators say she died of an asthma attack.

When in Germany, Anton owned a car which, at one point, required maintenance. He did some of the work himself, only to have completely fixed it himself. He came to the realisation that he knows cars well, and he decided to use this as an advantage to get a job, even though his bank account was proof he wouldn’t need one. Working primarily as an auto-mechanic, he also offers to fix other things, such as clocks and music boxes.
About a year after waking up with no clear memory, he came across a broken music box during one of his visits to Alaska. He has yet to fix it.

Anton was in Japan when a man found him fixing a car and asked him to work with some of the street racers. His first street racing client was a woman named Mika, who introduced him to the concept of ‘one-night stands’. Since then, he has met the street racing crew on multiple occasions around the world. They are, in a sense, his only friends.


It’s time I introduce myself. You can call me Jax, but I’m better known by the name Ellie. Given the circumstances, there isn’t very much information I can provide other than who I am as a person. I like to believe that I am very willing to be well acquainted with anyone here, but I ask that everyone respect my privacy. I’m fine, however, with being asked general questions.

First things; I enjoy telling stories. I would call myself a writer if my skills weren’t all that shabby, but I will allow this to be a place where I document my improvement. I started writing from the time I had my hands on my first computer. I would return every year to this document I started with the expectation that I would publish it as a book by age thirty. These days I mostly indulge in fiction, seeing it as an escape from the world but also a way to get a certain message across (widely known as ‘the moral of the story’).

Aside from the fact that I create fiction, I read both fiction and non-fiction. I like to say that fiction could not exist without non-fiction; that non-fiction is not only the influence but also the beginning of fiction. I once heard someone say that writing fiction is just another term for lying with style. While I can concur with that, I also say that fiction is an exaggeration of the real-world; an organised form of imagination.

I go through life observing. If you were to ask anyone who knew me in person, they would tell you I never actually voice my true opinion. Those closest to me would tell you, just as they’ve told me, that I’m a good listener. When I say something, I’m either being sarcastic or flat-out joking. I grew up with the habit of eavesdropping and thoroughly looking through things. I take in just as much as I can.

When you’re someone who is both observant and starry-eyed, you end up coming with a bunch of ideas based off of what you take in. In my case, I created a series of characters that I write about. Each of them are a cluster of things, events, phrases, etc. that I came across while doing my observing. The sad thing about this is that I created so many characters that they were only something temporary. Most of them, I haven’t even finished writing their backstory yet. I constantly shift from new character to newer character.

The one thing I like is that these characters stay with me. I can return to them whenever I like. Perhaps one day I will be able to write books about them. That’s one of the (lower) priority goals I have in life. Lower.

In the sidebar I have links to my character’s blogs (there is only one at the moment but will be momentarily updated). I’ll also have a category set up dedicated just for my characters, where I will post write-ups summarising who they are. Feel free to have a looksie.

The Tragedy of the Ship

I’m going to make my first post about Harry Potter because lately this one ship has been the only thing I’ve been thinking about. I know the title made it seem like I was going to talk about something much more serious. Sorry.

The following contains spoilers for Harry Potter.

Not that it’s such a big deal, seen as how just about everyone in the world has read all the books by now.

I don’t want to slam Rowling for this. I love her as an author, and am in no position to criticise her. After all, we’re just human. The books have been published. There’s nothing we can do anymore but talk about it.

Harry married Ginny. Ron married Hermione. If I had to be honest, the epilogue did not satisfy me. It met my expectations, but I was already used to Harry and Ginny being together. It just wasn’t what I was into. It failed to touch me the way most books do with romantic couples. If I remember correctly (I’m somewhat hoping I don’t), Harry and Ginny had very little interactions. It was mostly just Harry telling himself to not think about Ginny like that, and Ginny telling him she can deal with all the mess going on. That’s it, right?

Now, I can recall a multitude of scenes where Harry was left alone with Hermione. Those moments reached me more so than those short scenes with him and Ginny. I feel as though the former pair truly had chemistry. I understand that in J.K Rowling’s set sequence, she originally intended (see quote below).

“I wrote the Hermione/Ron relationship as a form of wish fulfillment,” she says. “That’s how it was conceived, really. For reasons that have very little to do with literature and far more to do with me clinging to the plot as I first imagined it, Hermione ended up with Ron.”

I have had this happen to me a few times. In the glorious RP world of twitter, I’ve come across other characters who I, at first, shipped with mine. I came to find that, nope, it won’t work out; nope, those two characters should be more like siblings instead.

I remember how Ron and Hermione had this banter. Just about every time they talked to each other, it was nothing but bickering. Again, if I remember correctly, their feelings changed at the Yule Ball. Something about Hermione’s pretty dress or Ron’s jealousy over Viktor Krum. Even though we only saw everything from Harry’s perspective, I felt disconnected from the story when it came to Ron and Hermione.

Given that we had a full perspective when Harry was with Ginny, I have an even better reason to say I felt disconnected. As I stated, their relationship bloomed from Harry simply having an attraction to her. I saw no chemistry.

If Rowling had actually put Harry with Hermione, I think a lot of the dialogue between them would have been different. Those times where Harry comforted Hermione would have been Harry just telling her that Ron is not a bad guy and she would need to calm down in order to get along with him. As for Ron, I have no idea who he would have ended up with. Perhaps he could have gone with Padma (or was it Parvati he went with to the Yule Ball)? Ginny could have gone with one of her classmates. Ron and Hermione would have at least learned to get along so they wouldn’t always be at each other’s throats.

Speaking of which, some people say that Ron and Hermione would have fixed each other’s flaws. Ron would have showed Hermione not to be so uptight and Hermione would have showed Ron to be more grounded. I personally think it would have worked out, if they hadn’t been bickering for seven years. I just don’t see how two people can suddenly accept one another and get married after seven years. After all that bickering, it left a foundation of resentment, and though friendship can fix it, I doubt that a romantic relationship could have resonated. As Rowling herself said, they may have needed marriage counseling.

So my conclusion is that I rather Ron and Hermione have been good friends, and Harry be with Hermione in the end. Thanks for reading, fellas. I would love to hear what you think about this.