The thing about romances

Danny and Vi… and others


Hello, fellow dreamers. So, ever since I’ve been struck by the idea of bringing a romance to life, I thought about how I wanted to make it as realistic as possible. I noticed that quite often romance novels and films have cliches, and quite a lot of them. I want to do my best to avoid them. One of the things I noticed is that the main characters of romances often end up focusing on just their love interest, as though they were the focal point of their lives. And that’s one thing I don’t like because although it’s highly possible for lovers in real life to go head-over-heels for each other (I would know; I’ve been there myself), real life people have their own issues outside of their relationships.

I also want there to be more people involved. Perhaps I’ve been reading the wrong novels, but I also noticed that the main characters often have most of their interactions with their love interest and a best friend. Maybe a young character will have their parents to talk to, but other than that, I never see other interactions. The environment I placed my characters in wouldn’t allow for them to just interact with each other. They will have groups of friends that they will spend time with, and perhaps that’s how they meet. I don’t have everything planned out yet, but this is just me racking up ideas on how to avoid cliches.

There are other things that I will try to avoid, but these are the two top things I have in my head. What do you think? Is it reasonable for authors to portray a romance character’s life as revolving primarily around their interest? And  do authors neglect interactions with background characters for good reasons?

This was quickly written, as I still do have limited time to write these, but I hope to have more leisure time soon.



I still feel obligated to mention that not of these photos are mine unless I say they are. They’re just tumblr pics I plucked from the internet.

Oh, how it has been quite a while! In simplest and quickest terms (because at the moment I have limited time to write this post), I’ve been busy. And I won’t even bother to think about where I could be with this blog if I had given myself the credit of integrity to continue with it.

But in other news, I am on Thanksgiving break. So while that’s going on, I would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and that I have finally done some solid brainstorming on two main characters for my new developing story. I know that I may have mentioned before that my interests as pertaining to literature and storytelling lie mostly within the psychological thriller/horror genre, but lately, I just have been feeling the need to withdraw myself from that area and try something else for a change. And in lieu to that, this developing story that I speak of will be a romance!

Of course, me being me, both parties in the romance have dark pasts of some sort, but their pasts will be discussed faaar into the story. Overall, it’s going to be a romance and I’m excited to see where it ends up. I will write more on this soon.