Antonio ‘Anton’ Zenkhara is an amnesiac. He woke up in a hotel room with a blonde woman sat patiently on his bedside. When asked who she was, she quickly responded by telling him she needed to go to work. Shortly after her departure, Anton caught himself a flight to Los Angeles, leaving with only the keys and wallet that the woman left him with. He has been travelling ever since, having no primary residence.

In spite of him being unsure as to whether or not he would ever see the mysterious woman again, he has come across her in multiple cities around the world. He eventually came to know this woman as Leslie. On one of his brief visits to Monaco, she caught Anton drenched in the pouring rain with a cigarette. Due to his frail appearance, she insisted he stay in her hotel room for one night to let her take care of him. The following morning he woke up and later found Leslie dead across the bathroom floor. Investigators say she died of an asthma attack.

When in Germany, Anton owned a car which, at one point, required maintenance. He did some of the work himself, only to have completely fixed it himself. He came to the realisation that he knows cars well, and he decided to use this as an advantage to get a job, even though his bank account was proof he wouldn’t need one. Working primarily as an auto-mechanic, he also offers to fix other things, such as clocks and music boxes.
About a year after waking up with no clear memory, he came across a broken music box during one of his visits to Alaska. He has yet to fix it.

Anton was in Japan when a man found him fixing a car and asked him to work with some of the street racers. His first street racing client was a woman named Mika, who introduced him to the concept of ‘one-night stands’. Since then, he has met the street racing crew on multiple occasions around the world. They are, in a sense, his only friends.