Hiya! So this is just a list of things that have inspired many of the ideas I came up with. Please keep in mind that this is not everything. Events that have happened in real life, be it simply in my life or something I got off the world news, have also inspired that chaotic adventures of my characters. So this is only a list of the fictional things that have inspired my stories.

Harry Potter


It took long enough for me to join the bandwagon (I only read the books a few years ago) but I’m here now and I’m here to stay. It’s probably tiring to hear, but this series has taught me so much about loyalty, camaraderie, trust, forgiveness, and the like. I’ve put a lot of that into my stories, along with all the bloodthirsty monsters who are battling for power over the world (or something like that, at least).



OH. MY. GOD. I can honestly say this was one of the most thrilling series I’ve ever watched. Five seasons, over a hundred episodes, and God knows how many hours wasted just sitting on my ass to watch this show. But hey, it was all so worth it. It gave me so many memories and has inspired me with so many ideas. For instance, all the badassory and all the underground organizations, plus all the family drama. This show was a fucking roller coaster.

The Hunger Games


This is just about about the only piece of teen fiction that I was able to finish. Period. When it came to everything else, I just didn’t have the will to carry on and read the entire thing. But when it came to this when, I had problems putting the books down. I was so absorbed into the story and they moved truly moved me. It also provoked a fuck ton of thoughts in my head. Collins was great at putting emphasis on how we, as individuals, need to stand up for ourselves and not let ourselves be taken over by oppression. I threw much of that into my stories. I also mimic some of the character traits of Katniss Everdeen with one of my characters, being very thoughtful yet quiet in a sense.



This show was cheesy. Very, very, very cheesy. At times I just wasn’t even in the mood to carry on, but it heavily interested me. Each of the characters had something extraordinarily unique about them, and though they were crumbly as individuals, their uniqueness is what merged them all into a great team. That is something I loved about this short series. In contrast, I have all my characters with some kind of unique trait, though they are all on their own. There will be teams, however they will all be very interchangeable.



Ah, yes. I had an awful lot of fun watching this film. In conclusion to this, it showed me some of the principles of being a gentlemen in spite of the job involving a license to kill. This is something I’m putting into quite a few of my characters, even though quite a few of them are flat-out assholes.



Having recently watched this film, I see a little bit of what it’s like to live in the Arctic for so many years and all of a sudden being thrown out into the real world to interact with other human beings. This is similar to a backstory I was building around one of my characters, but I found it a bit hard to grasp until I watched this film. While it was both thrilling and hilarious, it gave me a good idea as to the experience of, well, personing for the first time.

The Godfather


I just re-watched the first two films after having completely forgotten everything about them. Recall that a lot of my characters have Italian blood in them. I decided to put the mannerisms of the Corleone men into some of my own guys. Because who can’t resist intimidating men who will kill people for a living and eat cannoli?

Star Wars


At this point I might as well just say that J.J Abrams (my father) is my key inspiration. A few days ago I watched TFA and have been thinking about every possible explanation for the questions the movie left unanswered, but other than that, I absolutely LOVED it. The thing I love most about this series is that, for nearly all our favourite characters, there is a present temptation to follow the thing that they have been told all their lives to shun. Some have resisted, others fell through the cracks. Either way, most of them come to find that with all the sorrow they are faced with, they don’t have definitive freedom. That, right there, is what I took for myself and spiced up a bit.

Ashley Bell

Ashley Bell_Jacket

This was the first book I read by Koontz. It’s not necessarily something I would recommend, especially for picky readers. I liked it, though. From what I’ve heard about Koontz, he’s famous for his layering. Anyone who’s read his books would know what that means. Speaking of layering, this is exactly the thing of his that helped me out with connecting a few ideas I had to bind together a full story. For a while I had a bunch of ideas floating around in my head for one of my stories. I had no idea how to put it all in a manner that they would form one storyline. Until I finished reading Ashley Bell.