I still feel obligated to mention that not of these photos are mine unless I say they are. They’re just tumblr pics I plucked from the internet.

Oh, how it has been quite a while! In simplest and quickest terms (because at the moment I have limited time to write this post), I’ve been busy. And I won’t even bother to think about where I could be with this blog if I had given myself the credit of integrity to continue with it.

But in other news, I am on Thanksgiving break. So while that’s going on, I would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and that I have finally done some solid brainstorming on two main characters for my new developing story. I know that I may have mentioned before that my interests as pertaining to literature and storytelling lie mostly within the psychological thriller/horror genre, but lately, I just have been feeling the need to withdraw myself from that area and try something else for a change. And in lieu to that, this developing story that I speak of will be a romance!

Of course, me being me, both parties in the romance have dark pasts of some sort, but their pasts will be discussed faaar into the story. Overall, it’s going to be a romance and I’m excited to see where it ends up. I will write more on this soon.



Quotes that have changed my life #5

Turning Something Negative Into Something Great


We’ve lost quite a few iconic figures in the last few months, but I chose to quote Muhammad Ali this week for a few reasons. Up until a month ago, everything I heard about him confused me. A braggart, a great fighter, a historical figure, stood up for what he believed in. For the longest time, thoughts floated around in the back of my head as to how all this would add up. After finding out he’d passed away, I finally decided to pick up his autobiography, The Greatest: My Own Story. I’m finally finishing it up, and I’m glad to say that I have not been disappointed. While I am still taking some time for myself to process it, I’d like to talk about one quote in here that turned on a light bulb.

“It’s funny, but those who hate me inspire me the most. As long as I know they’re out there.”

– Muhammad Ali

Now, if there’s anything I know after reading his book, it’s that he loved to talk, especially to the people who wanted to write him off. It was perhaps his greatest motivation, especially having grown up knowing the oppression of people of colour. Having gone through that, he never shied away from proving the haters wrong. He wasn’t afraid. He stood up, and not just for himself, but for the masses who knew oppression.

While I can’t say I can relate, I know what it’s like being hated. Unlike Ali, my first instinct was to retreat. But I knew better than that. I decided to stop letting people call me lazy or incompetent, so I did what I could and made something. All starting with nothing.

Quotes that have changed my life #4


I’m sure all of us have had unfortunate things happen to us, and the gravity of it may vary. Some of us have been affected more severely than others, but we have the power to decide whether or not we want to let it consume us. It’s then should we build the integrity to do something against our sorrows.

“We are products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it.”

Rick Warren

While it is possible to disagree with this quote, I am addressing this quote to those who still have at least some glinting light left in them. That light may be your salvation, and once you’ve followed it, you have moved on and allowed an unfortunate past fall behind you. I often like to look back, not with grief or with shame or regret, but with pride. I survived, and I get to keep going on a strong note.

I apologise for this post to be short, especially when I am terribly inconsistent with these posts.

Quotes that have changed my life: intro

Photo by Kindra Nicole

Hello, to my small circle of readers. As few may have already noticed, it’s been quite a while since I’ve written a post here. I’m sure there are some people who can empathise with me when I say life has been hectic for me.

To hop straight to what I started this post for, I would like to introduce a category of upcoming posts. This category will be just what the title of this post tells you; “Quotes that have Changed My Life”. For far too long, I had troubling thoughts spinning around me, wherever I went or whatever I was doing. As I had begun to eradicate these thoughts to replace them with better musings, I was able to read again without having to worry about trailing someplace else. I returned to social media, promising myself to stay in the relatively grounded realms of this web. I also began to watch more films with friends and family.

While I was doing the occasional media consumption, I came across quite a few quotes that really shifted my mindset and helped me retain my Peace of mind.  I was just getting myself back together when I came across these quotes and I believe they did have an impact on me. This is not to say that these sayings lead me to an epiphany, but they did do something quite close. Since then, I have been walking around with a new way to see the world. I can go as far as to say I walk around with a new understanding of the world, but understanding the world is something not even the world’s most brilliant man could do.

My point for making this category is to explain how these saying shifted my perspective and hopefully help someone by doing so.

Happy reading.



It’s time I introduce myself. You can call me Jax, but I’m better known by the name Ellie. Given the circumstances, there isn’t very much information I can provide other than who I am as a person. I like to believe that I am very willing to be well acquainted with anyone here, but I ask that everyone respect my privacy. I’m fine, however, with being asked general questions.

First things; I enjoy telling stories. I would call myself a writer if my skills weren’t all that shabby, but I will allow this to be a place where I document my improvement. I started writing from the time I had my hands on my first computer. I would return every year to this document I started with the expectation that I would publish it as a book by age thirty. These days I mostly indulge in fiction, seeing it as an escape from the world but also a way to get a certain message across (widely known as ‘the moral of the story’).

Aside from the fact that I create fiction, I read both fiction and non-fiction. I like to say that fiction could not exist without non-fiction; that non-fiction is not only the influence but also the beginning of fiction. I once heard someone say that writing fiction is just another term for lying with style. While I can concur with that, I also say that fiction is an exaggeration of the real-world; an organised form of imagination.

I go through life observing. If you were to ask anyone who knew me in person, they would tell you I never actually voice my true opinion. Those closest to me would tell you, just as they’ve told me, that I’m a good listener. When I say something, I’m either being sarcastic or flat-out joking. I grew up with the habit of eavesdropping and thoroughly looking through things. I take in just as much as I can.

When you’re someone who is both observant and starry-eyed, you end up coming with a bunch of ideas based off of what you take in. In my case, I created a series of characters that I write about. Each of them are a cluster of things, events, phrases, etc. that I came across while doing my observing. The sad thing about this is that I created so many characters that they were only something temporary. Most of them, I haven’t even finished writing their backstory yet. I constantly shift from new character to newer character.

The one thing I like is that these characters stay with me. I can return to them whenever I like. Perhaps one day I will be able to write books about them. That’s one of the (lower) priority goals I have in life. Lower.

In the sidebar I have links to my character’s blogs (there is only one at the moment but will be momentarily updated). I’ll also have a category set up dedicated just for my characters, where I will post write-ups summarising who they are. Feel free to have a looksie.